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Tiny Bible, Cowhide KJV

Tiny Bible, Cowhide KJV

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This is our original Tiny Bible that we launched on Kickstarter. It’s the entire Bible in the King James Version. It ships in 1-3 business days with free shipping in the US. 

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Magnifying Glass Lens

This magnifying glass lens comes free with every Tiny Bible to assist in reading. With young eyes, you can read Tiny Bible without this (here’s a video demonstrating), but magnification is a helpful assistance to all ages.


Tiny Bible’s typesetting is by Scribe Inc, a Philadelphia-based company that knows the ins and outs of Bible typesetting. Tiny Bible is typeset in a font family called Edita, which we chose after real-life user testing with several different fonts. Edita has a font style that is particularly designed for small font sizes. Click here to view a sample of the first 5 pages of the gospel of John with a 3mm bleed around the edge. Note: Don’t be intimidated by the size! In our experience, the desktop browser preview is smaller than actual real-life page dimensions of 1.93 x 1.46 inches. You can zoom in to have a closer look.

Printing & Binding

At this size, Tiny Bible has to be bound by hand which is very time-consuming. At scale, this is almost unheard of in Western publishing houses. After conversations with numerous Bible printers, we’ve partnered with R.R. Donnelley’s Asia facility to print and bind Tiny Bible. It is 896 pages, smythe-bound (stitch bound) in 14 signatures of 64 pages each. The cover is made of beautiful black milled cowhide.


This printing of Tiny Bible is in the Cambridge edition of the King James Version. We picked this translation for several reasons: it’s a faithful, formal-equivalence translation, it doesn’t require a license, and it continues to be widely loved and daily used. If you're looking for a Tiny Bible in spoken English, click here to pre-order our NKJV Tiny Bible!

Technical Specs

Page dimensions: 1.93" x 1.46"
Cover dimensions: 2.17" x 1.77" x 0.79"
Book block: 896 pages, 30gsm
Total weight with box and lens: 1.8oz
ISBN: 979-8-9869672-0-2

International Shipping

If your shipping address is outside the United States, our store puts the onus on you to pay import taxes and duties at the time of delivery, rather than charging you up-front at checkout, which means import taxes and duties are not reflected in the cost on this site. Our setup is technically known as delivered-at-place (DAP) incoterms. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. The software sticker price for intelligently computing, charging, and remitting import taxes and duties is prohibitively expensive at our size.

Return Policy

Due to Tiny Bible’s highly unusual size, part of the binding process must be done by hand which is normally completed by machines. These human factors may cause rare quality control missteps. We stand by our product, and if for any reason your Tiny Bible arrives defective or damaged, you may return or exchange your purchase within 30 days of its arrival. Please contact us with your order number to begin this process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

I bought it for my son who is in the army. He loves it l and can read it. Thank you for making it. It gives a mother’s heart comfort knowing that her child has the Word with him at all times!


This is an excellent, very unique Bible. Highly impressed with the build quality for the scale of a project.


Love my tiny bible! Entire bible yet readable (magnifying glass helps).

Ethan Johnson
So cool!

This is a great little Bible. YES, it is possible to squint and read the tiny text with the naked eye! The magnifying glass included sure helps though. I have ordered 5 of these now. They make wonderful and unique gifts, and I will continue to give them to friends for years to come if possible. Such a fun thing to give because you know they don't have one yet. Also got one for my pastor this year for Christmas.


Love this little Bible…Do buy it with the magnifier…it works great!