Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most common questions we receive. 

Do your Tiny Bibles contain the entire Bible? 

Yes! Unlike other miniature “bibles” on the market, our Tiny Bibles contain more than just certain passages or excerpts; they contain the 66 books of the Bible in their entirety — all of the Old and New Testament. 

Even with the lens it’s a struggle to read! What can I do?  

With young eyes you can read Tiny Bible without a lens at all (here’s a video demonstrating) but the lens helps readers of all ages. It’s natural to want to use the lens as a regular magnifying glass, but you’ll actually get much better results if you treat it as a monocle. We recommend bringing the lens up to your eye, almost touching your eyelash or reading glasses, and then bringing in the Bible until it comes into focus. That will optimize its readability.

Meanwhile we are taking preorders on a better magnifying lens that should solve this problem for good. We anticipate fulfilling these preorders in Q2 2024.

Why is there so much margin around the edges of the page?

We fought hard to reduce the whitespace around the edges. Every printer we talked to (the best in the world!) insisted that a 5mm gutter is the bare minimum they needed to be able to produce it. Otherwise there’s the danger of the text getting cut off. We actually made our printer make one with our proposed 2mm margin and the second photo here demonstrates what happens. 

Is there a way you can lower the cost of Tiny Bible?

Because of its size, Tiny Bible has to be bound by hand. The only real way to get Tiny Bible’s cost substantially reduced would be to make a bigger Bible. The fixed costs of producing Tiny Bible are much higher than most people imagine. That being said, if you’re wanting to purchase Tiny Bible in bulk, we are able to offer modest discounts off our retail price. Please contact us! 

Are you a legit company or a fly-by-night internet scam? 

Though we have humble beginnings, we’re a real company and by God’s grace we are not going anywhere. While we don’t publicly advertise a business phone number, we do respond to our contact form consistently, we fulfill our orders as advertised, and we have a real brick-and-mortar office unit in Bixby, Oklahoma. Tiny Bibles is a Limited Liability Company registered in the state of Oklahoma, and our Dun & Bradstreet No (DUNS No.) is 107527565. 

Will you offer other English Bible translation besides the KJV and NKJV? 

While we have sought to get licensing in other popular translations (e.g. ESV), this agreement is difficult to obtain at our publisher size. We can’t promise anything at this time. If you’re looking for a Bible in spoken English, the NKJV is a very good translation, and it’s what we are able to offer currently. 

Will you offer Tiny Bible in other languages such as Arabic or Simplified Chinese? 

We would love to offer Tiny Bible in languages of countries that heavily censor the Bible. Arabic and Simplified Chinese are top of the list. The hurdle is cost. If you are interested in partnering with us to offer missions-based Tiny Bibles at the cost of production, let's get in touch.