We are fulfilling orders at long last

In August the Tiny Bibles arrived from the press! 

For a few weeks, we’ve been busy fulfilling preorders. Over 95% of all our pre-orders have been shipped as of this writing.

You’ve been unboxing your orders and we’ve been thrilled to hear your satisfaction with the quality and craftsmanship of this one-of-a-kind Bible. 

If your shipping address is outside the US, please pay close attention to this section!

Conversely, if you ordered within the US, this section is completely irrelevant, and feel free to skip it. 

We’re new to fulfilling physical products internationally, and we’ve been learning a lot as we go.

  • Some of your countries weren’t initially supported in our checkout process, and we apologize for that. We’ve since remedied that, and every backer’s country should be available.
  • Our online store at TinyBibles.com puts the onus on you to pay import taxes and duties at the time of delivery, rather than charging you up-front at checkout. We didn’t communicate this from the outset and wish we had. We aren’t thrilled at all about this situation, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience. The software sticker price for intelligently computing, charging, and remitting import taxes and duties is are-you-kidding-me expensive, and it’s out of our league for the time being. Here’s what this means though: if you choose USPS for shipping, your country’s postal system will need to personally see you at the time of delivery. If you’re not at home, hopefully they’ll leave a note on your door with the details of how to claim your package. If your country’s postal service is less than stellar, you might not hear from them at all, and the burden is on you to reach out to your country’s postal service with the USPS tracking code you received at the time of checkout, and chase them down. Otherwise, after two weeks the package will be returned to sender, or in some cases, destroyed. If all of this terrifies you, please choose DHL at checkout. It costs a lot more than USPS, but you get what you pay for. DHL will still require you to be home at the time of delivery to pay the import duties, but they are committed to getting your package delivered much more quickly and with much clearer communication in situations where you’re away from home at the time of delivery. To be honest, we are seriously toying with requiring all future international orders to use DHL. If a lot of these in-flight USPS packages run into trouble with our store’s delivered-at-place (DAP) incoterms, we’ll make the switch to DHL-only. In the meantime, we’re committed to getting your Tiny Bibles to you, we’ve got insurance on the packages, and we will handle any hiccups on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions please email us support@tinybibles.com with your order number and we’ll take a look.

The logistics of international fulfillment is a unique challenge, and we appreciate your patience as we crack the nut.

Would you please leave us a review?

If you’ve received your Tiny Bible we would love to hear your honest feedback! At the bottom of https://tinybibles.com/products/tiny-bible-leather-kjv, there’s a place where you can write a review and give us a rating. This will help us connect with future shoppers, and we’d really appreciate it.

Tell us how you are using Tiny Bible!

We are working with some special people to get Tiny Bible into some places where its smallness is uniquely advantageous. If you are using Tiny Bible in an interesting way, or it impacted you or someone else in a meaningful way and you want to tell us about it, we’d like to share it with our community! We’re putting together a community-driven blog at TinyBibles.com that showcases these stories. Please send us an email at stories@tinybibles.com with text and photos, and we’ll publish it on the site.

What’s your Christmas plan?

Can you believe that the month of Christmas is just 3 months away!? If you wish to gift a memorable Christmas present at an affordable price, consider getting your loved one a Tiny Bible at TinyBibles.com. It comes in a shrink-wrapped unmarked matt black box that is reminiscent of a jewelry box — but we believe the contents are even better, more valuable than “much fine gold.” We anticipate our first printing running out of stock soon, so it’s a ripe opportunity to do a bit of early Christmas shopping before it’s too late.

Let’s stay connected!

Like we said at the beginning, this might be the last update we post in a while. We do hope to be back with a new Kickstarter project later this year or next. We’ve got some very special things in the works for Tiny Bible. In the meantime though, here are two ways we can stay connected. 

  • Enter your email address in the footer at TinyBibles.com to join our newsletter. We post very infrequently, and only when we have something relevant to tell you about. 
  • Follow us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/tinybibles777. Folks on Instagram see new photos faster than anyone else!  

Thank you so much for your support on Kickstarter. It’s been a wild and exciting journey, and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it with you. May the word of Christ dwell in you richly. 

Until next time,

Martyn Chamberlin

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