Progress on our NKJV Edition

It’s been a number of weeks since we did an update on where we’re at in the printing process for our NKJV edition of Tiny Bible, and we wanted to share where we’re at.

Our typesetting and design are approved (for both the interior and cover) by HarperCollins Publishing (the licensing for the NKJV translation) and we have submitted our prepayment and order to our printer, R.R. Donnelly. As it turns out, the industry is in the “busy season” for Bible printing and so our press is backed up a bit. They won’t be able to get started on the project until April. We wish this was sooner but it is what it is. Bible paper is very specialized and is ordered on a per-project basis and there are a lot of innate constraints.

The goods are scheduled to air-ship from the press to our Oklahoma facility approximately April 22, which means we should get them in early May. Our contract with HarperCollins Publishing requires us to send a few review units to their Tennessee headquarters but thankfully we don’t have to wait on that to start sending out orders. We will immediately begin fulfilling orders as soon as they arrive in early May.

We know this is a longer timeline than we’d originally wished and predicted! But we have worked hard on this edition and are really happy with the result. The red accents on the page numbers, page headers, and chapter numbers increased our manufacturing cost by $2.18 per Bible but it is worth it. Another thing we did in this edition was change the color of the endsheets from white to black, which is more in keeping with how most Bibles are bound.

A number of you have also pre-ordered our leather-encased magnifying glass lens that is game changer in readability (which ships in a similar timeframe). When you pair that with the spoken English of the NKJV in this two-tone print design, there are a lot of noticeable set of refinements from our original KJV edition. I hope you don’t ever truly “need” this Tiny Bible but the clear teaching of Scripture is getting more and more persecuted in the West, and this project is on the devil’s radar. Thank you for partnering with us on this journey of getting out God’s Word in a concealable and highly transportable form factor. If you have a friend who might be interested in owning one of these, please share this project with them! Word-of-mouth is a big help to us.

For Christ count all things loss,
Martyn Chamberlin
Founder, Tiny Bibles


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