The Story of Tiny Bible

In 1896, David Bryce of Glasgow produced a miniature Bible using offset lithography. Hundreds of thousands of these Bibles were printed and many of them were issued to soldiers in the British Empire. Here’s what one of them looked like.

David Bryce 1901 Miniature Bible

This was the smallest Bible ever printed in the world. In recent times, there’s been nothing like it on the market. The David Bryce Bible became a collector’s Bible that is rare and hard to find. In 2022 we began exploring what it would take to reproduce this Bible at an affordable price. We wanted a Bible that you could take with you anywhere and everywhere; a Bible that’s highly concealable and portable. After countless emails, Zoom meetings, and trips to printers and binders, we announced the result: a miniature Bible that we call Tiny Bible

In December 2022, we took the idea to Kickstarter and successfully raised $25,000 in preorders, despite Kickstarter censoring the project due to the project’s “controversial” video in which we said that the Bible defines basic categories such as male and female and marriage. Here is our Kickstarter video. 


We began shipping our first printing of Tiny Bible in the summer of 2023 and we’ve been busy fulfilling orders since. We’ve shipped Tiny Bibles around the world, including to such places as the United Kingdom, South Korea, the Philippines, Norway, South Africa, Australia, and even US military bases overseas. As you might have guessed, it’s also sneaking its way into some places we can’t talk about.

Why Tiny Bible? 

The Word of God is the most valuable physical possession we own. The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever. Tiny Bible makes a perfect gift for your spouse or loved one. It's the Bible you know your pastor doesn’t have yet. Many people buy them to give to their children or grandchildren as part of their legacy. Or they bring it on a backpacking trip so they can have the full word of God with them for under 2oz (including the glass lens and box!). Or they give out Tiny Bibles at the office as a conversation starter in witnessing. 

But there’s also a more sobering reason for Tiny Bible: it is highly concealable from tyrannical governments and can be smuggled into some tight places. In our generation we are witnessing a coordinated attack on the Bible. Many Western political and tech leaders are sanctioning it at every possible step. They’d confiscate parts of it if they could. Society is increasingly approving such censorship. If you awoke tomorrow to find that the App Store had pulled your favorite Bible app from your smartphone, would it surprise you? Depending on your job and visibility, it’s already a hate crime to believe and confess the full Bible. Are we prepared for a day in which it’s a hate crime to own and read a full Bible? That is the current reality in many countries in the world, but it might be tempting to think that could never happen on domestic shores. However, here are some concrete examples of things that have happened in recent times, with many more that could be added:

  • Rugby player Israel Folau was fired in April 2019 for posting 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 on Instagram.
  • Mark Dice conducted a make-believe petition in April 2022 to ban Amazon from selling the Bible and collected hearty signatures from Coastal Californians.
  • Seattle pastor Matthew Meinecke was arrested in June 2022 simply for reading his Bible in a park, at the “wrong” place at the “wrong” time.

The Bible is an increasingly hated book. For a long time, it’s been contraband in various Eastern countries, but today that attack is clearly brewing on Western shores as well.

The Bible is a threat to the anti-Christ agenda because it defines who God is, who man and woman are, what marriage is, when life begins, what sin is, what salvation is, and Who it is that has been given all authority in heaven and on earth. The Bible is incompatible with the zeitgeist of our passing age.

How shall we then live? Dark days are ahead, but God has promised to see his church through the storm. Right now He is calling us to prepare. One way that we can do that is by having a printed, portable, easily-smuggled Bible that is immune to censorship. Please consider ordering one, and sharing this project with folks in your church and on social media. Word-of-mouth is a force the tech giants and digital demigods can’t stop. 

Tiny Bible featured inside a wall outlet

Whether you’re getting one as a collector’s Bible, or to use on the battlefield, or to hide in your wall, we thank you for your support. 

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