A Homemade Case for Tiny Bible

This is part of a series of user-submitted stories about how Tiny Bible has impacted its owners in meaningful ways. If you are using Tiny Bible in an interesting way and have a story you want to tell us about it, we’d like to share it with our community. Please send us an email to stories@tinybibles.com with text and photos, and we’ll publish it on the site!

When his Tiny Bible arrived in Texas, Manuel B was thrilled. The purpose behind his purchase was to have it on hand at all times, safe in his pocket. However, to ensure its safety, he needed a sturdy and thin case. He chose black duct tape for his material and carefully hand-crafted a functional case. Although its aesthetics are a bit homely, it’s functional and durable! The thin, tight design ensures it doesn't add unnecessary bulk to the Tiny Bible in his pocket. Manuel now has a portable and protective case for everyday carry.

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