Engineered Portability: An Ingenious Solution for Tiny Bible

This is part of a series of user-submitted stories about how Tiny Bible has impacted its owners in meaningful ways. If you are using Tiny Bible in an interesting way and have a story you want to tell us about it, we’d like to share it with our community. Please send us an email to with text and photos, and we’ll publish it on the site!

When his Tiny Bible arrived in Texas, Manuel B was thrilled. The purpose behind his purchase was to have it on hand at all times, safe in his pocket. However, to ensure its safety, he needed a sturdy and thin case. He chose black duct tape for his material and carefully hand-crafted a functional case. Although its aesthetics are a bit homely, it’s functional and durable! The thin, tight design ensures it doesn't add unnecessary bulk to the Tiny Bible in his pocket. Manuel now has a portable and protective case for everyday carry.

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