A Tiny Bible for Christmas

This is part of a series of user-submitted stories about how Tiny Bible has impacted its owners in meaningful ways. If you are using Tiny Bible in an interesting way and have a story you want to tell us about it, we’d like to share it with our community. Please send us an email to stories@tinybibles.com with text and photos, and we’ll publish it on the site!

Leighton D stumbled upon Tiny Bibles just as he was running out of ideas for a Christmas present for his retired wife. She had a distinguished career as an electron microscopist at both Penn and Villanova, and her two favorite things are the Bible and now a collection of antique and vintage light microscopes. For Christmas 2023, Leighton knew the perfect gift - one of the Tiny Bibles and a 10X Loupe. To complement this thoughtful present, he set out to create a unique display stand using black walnut, featuring a cradle for the Bible and a recessed area for the loupe, lined with leather.

Leighton’s only regret was that he discovered the product too late to order the gold foil-stamped cover, which ran out of stock in early November. Maybe next time! 




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