Our first Tiny Bible is on schedule to ship in August!

In May, we put in our order to the printing press. Tiny Bible production begins here in June, and arrives at our US-based facility in late July. We should start fulfilling orders in August. If everything goes smoothly, most of our backers should get their rewards that month. After many delays we’re getting a concrete timeline for fulfillment, and we’re very excited! 

This book is unlike any other. To remind you of its size, here is the final Tiny Bible prototype (sans lettering) next to the smallest Bible that Crossway makes, a vest-sized New Testament.

Here is the custom box that Tiny Bible comes in. It's shrink-wrapped, unmarked, and matte black. 

Once inventory arrives, we’ll update our store with all the information and photos that feature the various lettering options on the cover, and we’ll send you an email to get your address information. In that email, each backer will receive a unique promo code that covers the cost of your reward tier (which includes free shipping for US-based backers). You will be able to pick the quantity you backed and choose the lettering you want. If you backed a tier that includes multiple Bibles, you will be able to mix and match. 

We’re still finalizing the prototyping of the leather magnifying glass and should have final information (including photos and price) for that next month. 

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions! We’re here for you. 


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