Preorder our leather-encased magnifying glass lens

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving week! 🦃

Since we started shipping Tiny Bible in August, we have been hearing this a lot: “Everything about your Tiny Bible is great, there’s just one thing, you need a better magnifying glass lens!” While young eyes can read Tiny Bible with no magnification aid (as we proved in this video!), it’s also true that if you’re at the age where you need reading glasses, it can be a bit of a struggle to make out the words on the page. This has been on our radar and we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to provide a magnifying glass lens that makes Tiny Bible accessible to people of all ages.

Today we’re excited to announce the result: a leather-encased magnifying glass lens that magnifies significantly better.

We are taking preorders here with free shipping in the U.S. and an expected fulfillment date of early 2024.

The leather encasement, made from the same leather as the Tiny Bible cover, gives you something to grip and ensures that if you drop it, you won’t shatter the glass lens.

These magnifying glasses are small but they’re a game-changer for readability. If you’ve been having any trouble reading Tiny Bible, you will want to check it out. Click here to preorder yours.

Meanwhile, we hope you can take some time off this week and enjoy family and fellowship. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly!


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