July update: printing is on schedule!

Happy Independence Day to our fellow Americans — and to everyone, greetings! Here’s a quick update on Tiny Bible. The tl;dr is that we are on track with printing, and the Bibles should arrive at our facility late this month. At long last, we’re very close. The next update should include photos of the actual books. Not prototypes — the real deal!

Magnifying glass update

Our magnifying glass prototyping has simplified to two final prototypes. One lens is larger than the other, but the smaller lens actually magnifies slightly larger. We are testing the two with readers of various ages to find the winner. We’ll make the final decision later this week and then put in an order with our India manufacturer. I’m optimistic that we will be able to get these in soon — later this month or early next month.

What’s the next step? If all goes according to schedule, you will be getting a private Kickstarter message from us sometime next month (August) with a link to claim your rewards (Kickstarter lingo for filling out your address and selecting the Tiny Bibles quantity you backed, with a promo code that makes this free for that amount). Don’t worry — we’ll make this as easy as possible, telling you exactly where to go, and reminding you what you backed for convenience. We’re deliberately waiting to send this email because we want to wait until inventory has arrived and we’re ready to start fulfilling orders. One of the benefits of waiting is that it ensures your shipping address is as up-to-date as possible. Some of you have moved since our campaign started last year!

Both of these glass lens prototypes make Tiny Bible accessible to all ages, and we are testing the winner. Bigger is not always better!

As we discussed a couple of updates ago, each Tiny Bible comes with a standalone glass lens, with the option to upgrade to a leather-encased version handmade by our leather craftsman. For best reading results, we recommend that you put the magnifying glass very close to your reading eye — almost touching your eyelash (if you normally wear reading glasses, take them off first). Then bring the Bible in closer until it's in focus. Keep the Bible and the lens parallel to your eye, and you get a remarkably clear image. 

Tell a friend!

Starting today till the end of July, we’ve created a special $5 discount with promo code FREEDOM. If you have a friend who’s interested in owning a Tiny Bible, give them this link and it will apply the promo code automatically (plus free shipping in the US)! https://tinybibles.com/discount/FREEDOM 


Martyn Chamberlin

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